The Club swims in three leagues.  Please find some detail below of our selection policies.  In all cases, the coaching team's selection is final and the committee does not get involved in selection decisions.  We do not charge swimmers to enter these events as they are representing the Club

National Arena League
This is the most important and competitive League for the Club.  In the last three years, we have swum well in Division One of the London League.  It takes place over three Saturdays in October, November and December, and involves swimmers from 10 years up to open events.  The Club will put out its strongest team for this event, taking account of personal best times and also that there is a maximum number of events that a swimmer can swim on the night.  This may mean therefore that sometimes the swimmer with the fastest PB in a race may not swim that race.  We will also take account of a swimmer's ability to swim multiple races on the night.
Kent Junior League
This League is for swimmers between the ages of 10 and 13.  It also takes place over three Saturdays in June, September and October.  This year we will be in Division Two.  Again, we will put out our strongest team for this League and apply the same selection criteria as for the Arena League. 
White Horse League
We have recently joined this League.  It takes place over four Saturdays in March, April and June (twice).  We decided to enter this League to provide opportunities for swimmers who may not get selected for Arena and Kent Junior Leagues, and/or to allow swimmers to compete in strokes that they may not normally swim.  This league has cut-off times, which means if swimmers swim too fast they don't get points for their Club.  We will select a mix of swimmers from various squads but give priority in this League to swimmers not selected for Arena League or Kent Junior League to ensure that everyone who wants to compete will be selected at least once.  We may ask other swimmers to swim if we cannot get a full team on these criteria alone.  
We try our hardest to give opportunities for everyone who wants to compete to participate in at least one League each year and to swim in more than one race on a night.  That may not always be possible given the criteria above, and we may not always get it right but the coaches will always try and explain their rationale. In return, we ask that you accept the coaches decisions with good grace and encourage your swimmers to cheer on the team, their friends and fellow swimmers.