Whether a swimmer, parent, coach or volunteer we all have responsibilities to each other to make the Club a welcoming, positive and inclusive place to train and compete.  Our codes of conduct are below.

Swimmers code of conduct is here: 009_Code_of_Conduct_for_Swimmers_from_all_disiplines.doc       

Parents code of conduct is here: 011_Code_of_Conduct_for_parents.doc     

Coaches code of conduct is here: 010_Code_of_Conduct_for_Swimming_coaches_and_teachers.doc

Committee and volunteers code of conduct is here: 012_Code_of_Conduct_for_Committee_Members_Volunteers_Officicals.doc    

Our equity policy is here: Equity Policy.docx

Our general contract of behaviour and contract for Performance A swimmers are here: 044_Contract_of_Behaviour.doc  Saxon Crown code of behaviour for Performance A swimmers.docx