Performance C squad

When swimmers reach this level they are introduced to more types of training sets. Intensity and mileage will increase significantly in comparison to the Pre-squad.

The training program becomes more specific, with the aim of achieving County qualifying times.

Swimmers in this squad are steered toward swimming the 200m IM and 400m freestyle as their main event.

Entry Requirements

  • Positive attitude, show enthusiasm to progress and good level of self discipline
  • Emotionally able to cope with greater demands from training when asked, e.g. intensity, effort, commitment
  • Must be able to commit to attending a minimum of 4 sessions per week on a regular basis
  • Appropriate level of fitness (e.g 20x50m @65seconds )


All swimmers must meet the following expectations to maintain their position in the squad:

  • Abide to Swim England "Code of Conduct" at all times
  • Commitment to training
  • Always punctual, carrying out a pre-pool land based activity to warm up
  • Availability to represent the club in competitions (see League Selection Policy)
  • Perform at County Championships (if qualified)
  • Regular competitions

Aims of the program

The program goals include (but are not limited to):

  • Develop and improve stroke technique on all four competitive strokes
  • Learn starts, turns, and finishes on all four competitive strokes and IM turns
  • Independently monitor training by using the pace clock
  • Learn the rules of the sport
  • Increase the distance covered in training sessions to improve endurance
  • Learn and practice basic pre-swim stretching
  • Gaining knowledge and experience in competitive swimming


This equipment is used in competitive swimming training sessions and helps to become a better swimmer.

  • Swimwear: girls - one piece costume (no need to buy 'Racing suits')
  • 500ml water bottle
  • Kick board (standard size/shape)
  • Pull-buoy (standard size/shape)
  • Fins - preferably FINIS Long Floating Fin Senior or any other brand with a slightly longer blade (do not buy Speedo BioFUSE Training Fin or any short fins)
  • Finger paddles

Extras: Flip flops, mesh bag, towel, body wash.

All equipment should be clearly named.