Performance B Squad (Max 24 swimmers)

Age range:    

Female 12

Male 13

The age criteria are guidelines, more weight will be given to biological age. Growth spurts will usually occur between these parameters at this stage, therefore, exceptions are at discretion of the Head Coach.


This group is aimed at swimmers who are close to and looking to achieve County and Regional qualifying times. By this stage, swimmers should have swimming as a priority and a good understanding of the importance of training to succeed, demonstrating a consistent will to push and improve themselves.


Swimmers who wish to join Performance B Squad must have a tracked record of personal bests in all events with focus on 100 and 200 metres events in all the strokes with Kent consideration times in at least 2 events.

Swimmers should be available to represent the club at galas when selected and compete in every event of the yearly Club Champs.

Swimmers should enter planned competitions in order to obtain swim times in as many categories as possible.


Swimmers should attend at least 5 of 7 swim sessions per week, on a regular basis or at least 75% of weekly training AND 1 land training session per week.

Attendance at competitions at least once per month is required in order gain experience and to monitor training progress.

Working Towards:

  • Maintenance of technical performance and an understanding of the given sets without interruptions over a two-hour session.
  • Use of and understanding of injury prevention band training and mobility at home and before each training session.
  • An understanding of the importance of hydration and nutrition strategies.
  • To qualify for the Kent County Championships and London Regional’s.


  • Swimming hat + spare;
  • Swimming goggles + spare;
  • Water bottle;
  • Kick board;
  • Pull buoy;
  • Short fins;
  • Paddles.