Saxon Crown Spring Challenge 2024 - March 23rd/24th

    Dear swimming friends,

    Saxon Crown SC would be delighted to invite you to Glass Mill Leisure Centre on Saturday 23rd / Sunday 24th March 2024, for our Level 3 Spring Challenge

    The meet offers all strokes at 50/100/200/400m - events are £7 each. 

    Age groups are 9yrs, 10yrs, 11yrs, 12yrs, 13yrs, 14yrs, 15yrs+ 

    Age is at 24th March 2024

    Coach Passes are £10 per coach per day 

    There are Upper Qualifying Times and no Lower Qualifying Times, allowing many swimmers to participate. 

    Files can be sent anytime up to midnight on Friday 8th March. This open will be on a first come first serve basis so don’t delay in sending in your entries to avoid disappointment. 

    Thank you for your support and we look forward to receiving your entries !

    Programme & Upper Limit Times Programme and Upper Qualifying Times.pdf

    Promotors Conditions Saxon crown 24 Spring Challenge Promoters' Conditions.docx

    Parking: Parking.docx

    Car Park: Saxon Crown Car Parks.docx

    Entry File For Clubs: Meet Events-Saxon Crown Spring Challenge

    Individual Entry Form: Individual Entry Form.docx

    Kent County Championships 2024



    Spectator Tickets Advance Purchase - IMPORTANT

    Spectators should bring evidence of their bookings for presentation at  the entry door to the spectator gallery. 

    Link to purchase your spectator tickets @ £6 per session Spectator Tickets

    I have attached a copy of the programme and accepted entries along with a link for the latest info posted for Kent Championships 2024


    Live Results

    Accepted Entries Accepted Entries.xlsx

    Session 3   Warm Up 0815 Start 0915

    Session 4   Warm Up 1230 Start 1330

    Session 5   Warm Up 0815 Start 0915

    Session 6   Warm Up 1230 Start 1330   

    Session 7    Warm Up 0815 Start 0915

    Session 8    Warm Up 1230 Start 1330

    Session 9    Warm Up 0815 Start 0915

    Session 10  Warm Up 1220 Start 1320  

    Link to main Kent Swimming -

    NEWS LATEST INFORMATION = 2024 Kent Swimming Championships – update 6 February

    10/11 February – London Aquatics Centre Stratford

    Timings (both days)

    0730 Swimmer and Coaches Entry (Westfield Side)

    0800 Spectator Entry (West Ham Side – Upper Level)  (there is no access through the lower level reception area)

    0815 Warm Up Sessions 3 and 5

    0915 Racing start time Sessions 3 and 5

    1230 Warm Up Sessions 4 and 6

    1330 Racing start time Sessions 4 and 6

    Swim down facilities

    There will be limited swim down facilities during the morning until 1300.  There are two lanes available for use in the Training Pool.  This is subject to supervision by coaches and on account of the limited number of spaces swimmers will need to checked inand out.  Details will be confirmed to the Club coaches at the weekend .

    The diving pit is available for warm downs from 1330 on Saturday and 1430 on Sunday. Swim downs must be supervised by Clubs.

    Withdrawals - You must notify both the Saxon Crown Gala Secretary & Head Coach using the following emails before warm up is due to start.

    [email protected] 

    [email protected]

    On the day the swimmer must confirm withdrawal with the Head Coach on poolside again before warm up starts 

    Presentations and Medals

    The medals table will be on the balcony between the spectator and swimmer galleries.  Trophies will also be presented on that balcony.  This will allow parents the opportunity to take photographs of their swimmers with their medals etc.  Because of time constraints there are unlikely to be  formal presentations.


    There will be live streaming of the racing  - the link to access is

    Official Photographer

    We do have an official photographer this year.  Photos can be viewed and purchases for downloads made at   You will need a password to access the photos and details have been sent to all Clubs of this.  Details of how to view the photos will also be on the wall behind the spectator gallery with a QR code. - Saxon Crown Club Members please request the code from the gala secretary as we have been asked to not post this on our website

    Spectator Tickets

    Spectator tickets for the LAC sessions are available for purchase at £6 a session  at  The number is limited to 1,000 – once that number is reached no further tickets will be sold and anyone without a ticket will not be admitted.  There are no cash sales on the door.

    No Food

    The ‘No Food’ policy at LAC preventing bringing in food from outside remains in force except for the swimmers who may bring in their own food.  Bags will be checked at the entry point by security staff

    Swim Shop

    The swim shop SwimPath will be at the LAC - they are taking orders now for Kent 2024 merchandise - the link to SwimPath to order and purchase merchandise can be found at

    Pool Conditions

    We have been advised that at a recent Meet all areas of the Pool Building were extremely hot – we would therefore advise all parents to ensure that they bring for both themselves and their swimmers as much water as possible

    Cafes at the Pool

    There is a café by the reception area.  Past experience has shown that queues can be long and slow moving especially during the break so please be patient.  This is totally outside the control of the County.  We have requested that the pod at the rear of the gallery is opened so please try and use this as much as possible.

    Travel News

    The southbound Blackwall Tunnel will be closed throughout the weekend 10/11 February.  Please plan your return journeys accordingly.  

    Please also note that West Ham are at home to Arsenal (1400 ko) on Sunday 11th February and to Burnley on Saturday 9th March (1500 ko).  This will mean that access to Westfield Shopping Centre will be restricted and detours put in place. 


    WavePower 2024 has further restricted all mobile use and other devices as part of their changing rooms policy.


    It prohibits all use of a mobile phone or device in a changing area'


    x Taking photos or videos

    x Texting

    x Making phone calls 

    x Browsing the internet

     Please remind your swimmers of this.


    A great deal of work goes on behind the scenes to enable the championships to run smoothly - the county is always on the look out for new people to help with the technical support needed and whilst we have a dedicated technical support team who can pass on their skills and knowledge it is a small team and we need to increase the numbers - if you are technically minded then this may well be the volunteer role you are looking for in swimming.

    Bromley Winter Gold 2024

    Sunday 25th February 2024 at Dover District Leisure Centre, Fitness Fields, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3FZ.

    Please find attached a copy of the promoters conditions: Bromley SC Winter Gold Meet Level 3 25FEB24 Dover Promoters Conditions V1.pdf

    Accepted Entries: saxon crown entries.pdf

    Warm-ups will be as follows (please note that session 2 will start at 13:15 and not 2pm as originally advertised)

    Morning Warm Up - 8AM

    • 8:00 -boys 9/10/11/12
    • 8:15 - boy13+ Girls 9/10
    • 8:30 - Girls 11/12
    • 8:45 - Girls 13+

    Afternoon Warm Up - 12:15PM

    • 12:15 - girls 9/10, girls & boys 15+
    • 12:30 - girls 11/12
    • 12:45 - girls 13/14, boys 13/14
    • 13:00 - boys 9/10/11/12

    After Friday, withdrawals need to be done by coaches only, at the results table in Dover on Sunday.

    Results wil be published on MeetMobile on the day, and uploaded in the rankings on Sunday evening.

    Swimmers will need to go to the Hall on arrival, from 7:30am onwards.

    Bring a chair, a water bottle and warm clothing as it can be cold there. Also bring card games, mp3 players etc to keep the swimmers occupied throughout the day. Note: Bromley SC and the Leisure centre will not be held responsible for loss or dammage of any private property.

    There is a water fountain available.

    We have the use of 1/2 the hall, with Clubs designated areas.

    Parents are not allowed in the Hall nor on poolside, under any circumstance. If you need to speak to your child, please ask a member of the gala team to assist you.

    In the Hall:

    Any misbehaviour in the Hall will not be tolerated. If any misbehaviour is witnessed, parents will be asked to come at the entrance of the Hall to deal with the child in question. Repetitive misbehaving will result in the child sent to the spectators area with their parents and will be responsible for getting to their races themselves. Missed races will not be refunded.

    All swimmers must be respectful and polite towards all, including volunteers, officials, coaches, team managers and of course their fellow swimmers.

    The swimmers area must be cleaned up on departure by ALL.

    No screaming or shouting will be tolerated in the Hall.

    Swimmers must let a marshall know when they leave the Hall, for any reason. They need t explain where they are going.

    Swimmers must wear pool shoes at all times. Bare feet will not be allowed, swimmers will be sent back to the Hall if they don't wear any shoes.

    Disqualifications or results queries:

    Parents are not to query any disqualifications themselves. They can ask their child who will revert to coaches on poolside. they will know what to do.

    Parents are not allowed on poolside and Referees will not accept any query that is not raised by a  coach.

    Results will be published throughout the day in MeetMobile.

    There will be a series of Hot Heats with prizes throughout the day, the kids will love it!

    Good luck to all the swimmers taking part !!

    London Summer Regional Championships 2024

    Conditions of this meet will be posted as soon as they are available. Below are the links to the qualifying / consideration times & the planned programme along with a the link to the main London Regional Website.

    London Regional official closing date for entries is 17th April - note Saxon Crown entries will close before this date - TBC

    London summer 24 champs QT and CT - v0.1.pdf

    Schedule of Events v0.4.pdf

    London Summer Championships 2024 - Main Website