Fees Policy

Download the fees policy in Word format, October 2021: Saxon Crown Fee Policy Updated OCT 2021.docx

Saxon Crown Swimming Club is a competitive amateur swimming club, registered with the governing body of swimming, Swim England, and is Swim 21 accredited. We are a non-profit Community Organisation. We do not operate the pools where we swim/train/compete – we hire them for the benefit of our swimmers and members. We are mainly run by parents/volunteers.

On behalf of all the members, the Executive Committee would like to inform you of the following fee policy:

  • Swim England fees are payable to Saxon Crown Swimming Club in January every year. It is a requirement that to be a member of Saxon Crown you must also be a member of Swim England.
  • All swim fees are payable on 1st of each month in advance by standing order at the bank in 12 equal payments for the full year.
  • Monthly squad fees take account of Bank Holidays and periods of reduced swimming e.g. August and Christmas/New Year.
  • You are kindly reminded to ensure that your standing order payments are up to date and reflect the correct fee payable. Should your standing order payments remain out of date for more than 2 months, a £10 additional administration fee is payable. When accumulated unpaid standing order fees reach the equivalent of 2 months’ squad fees payable, the procedure in item 8. below will be applied and the swimmer/member risks being suspended from the Club and will no longer be able to swim. 
  • Family discount on monthly fees for all squads is as follows:
    • swimmer member with the highest squad fee pays full monthly squad fees,
    • swimmer member with the 2nd highest squad fee pays full monthly squad fees,
    • swimmer member with the 3rd highest squad fee pays 1/2 monthly squad fees
    • swimmer member with the 4th highest squad fee pays 1/4 monthly squad fees - and so on.

Family discount is applicable only to members of the same immediate family at the discretion of the Membership Secretary.

  • There is no discount available on the joining fee - this is payable for every swimmer member.
  • Full monthly squad fees are payable irrespective of the number of scheduled sessions the swimmer attends.
  • Late payments create unnecessary work and damage the Club’s ability to provide swimming for all. As per the Club’s Constitution, members who are more than 2 months late on their squad fee payments may be removed from the Club membership and a notification to this effect sent to Swim England. This means that the swimmer/member concerned will no longer be insured for any Club activity nor will they be able to enter any Swim England licensed event, unless they have dual membership with another Club.  If a swimmer decides to re-join the Club following suspension of membership, the appropriate joining fee is payable.
  • If a swimmer misses more than one month of swimming as a result of illness/injury, the Club will provide a credit note on a pro-rata basis according to the number of swimming days missed after the initial one month limitation period expires, on condition of the provision of a doctor’s note/certificate.
  • In the event of an unexpected continuous (i.e. more than 1 week) interruption to swimming sessions/training* because of closure of pools (caused by breakdown of plant equipment or closure of leisure facility for health and safety reasons e.g. poor weather conditions affecting staffing levels), or because of illness/absence of Saxon Crown coaches/teachers, Saxon Crown Swimming Club will provide a credit note on a pro-rata basis according the number of pool sessions at an affected venue missed after the initial one week limitation period expires.

* Excludes scheduled holidays in August and at Christmas/New Year.

Masters fees policy on suspending membership

Did you know that all swimmers registered with us incur costs to the club (such as annual renewal of your Swim England membership and associated insurance) whether or not they swim?  As such, we have to assume that, unless a swimmer officially cancels their membership, or seeks agreement for the membership to be suspended because of a long-term absence, that the swimmer remains active and owes us fees. 

If you need to suspend your membership for a long-term absence owing, for example, to injury or a change in personal circumstances please email [email protected] in advance to seek agreement to cancel your standing order. Any absence of more than two months will be considered, but only if asked for in advance.

At the time you decide to reinstate your membership you will now be required to make an administration payment of £20 to cover the costs incurred to the club during your absence.  If your absence is longer than 12 months then we will assume you have left the club and you will need to re-join as a new member and pay the joining fee that applies at the time.

As you know, we are a club run by volunteers and entirely dependent upon fees for our income - so it’s crucial we have complete transparency of our income and outgoings and it's also fair that other Masters swimmers are not subsidising those who are absent.