The Marlins Squad is based on the Swim England Aquatic Skills Framework (Competitive swimming, Stage 9). This is the section of the Learn to Swim Pathway that follows on from the Swim England Learn to Swim Framework Stages 1-7.

Swimmers in this squad continue developing skills learned in the Otters Squad, however, the sessions are more frequent and swim distance is longer, with emphasis on the development of sport-specific skills.

Entry Criteria

The swimmer must have completed Swim England Skills Framework Stage 8 (see Otters Squad).


  • swimming hat (if long hair)
  • swimming goggles - preferably white
  • kick board
  • girls: one piece costume, boys: no shorts
  • water bottle

All equipment should be clearly named.

Outcome criteria

  • Swim 800 meters continuously
  • Swim 100 meters front crawl*
  • Swim 100 meters backstroke*
  • Swim 100 meters breaststroke*
  • Swim 15 meters butterfly*
  • Perform a front crawl turn, 8m into the wall, 8m out
  • Perform a backstroke turn, 8m into the wall, 8m out
  • Perform a breaststroke turn, 8m into the wall, 8m out
  • Perform a dive, then kick butterfly underwater in a streamlined position for 7 metres

*Final promotion is at the discretion of the headteacher, and subject to space availability.