Saxon Crown (Lewisham) Swimming Club

Officials’ Expenses Policy 


The purpose of this policy is to clarify the allowances that Saxon Crown Swimming Club (hereinafter referred to as “the club”) is prepared to make to officials who provide their services at galas promoted by the club.

Meal Allowance


Officials will be provided with lunch and refreshments on each day of the event unless informed otherwise. Where lunch is not provided, officials may claim up to £7 for their lunchtime meal.


An evening meal allowance up to a maximum of £20 is payable: if the club has given prior approval to overnight accommodation; or the official travels daily but by virtue of their role leaves the venue after 8pm; or the club has given prior approval for some other exceptional reason.


Payment of up to £100 per night may exceptionally be made for accommodation: to those who have more than two hours travelling time from their home and are due to report for their official’s role earlier than 9am on the days of the gala; or to those who would arrive home later than 10pm following conclusion of the event. In both cases the decision to make such payment will be at the discretion of the club once a claim has been submitted. The official should make every attempt to advise the club of the accommodation cost before the evening in question and cannot assume that the full cost will be met by the club. A receipt will be required before reimbursement is made.

Travel Expenses

Air, Rail, Sea and Public Transport

Travel by air or sea should be agreed with the club beforehand and tickets or receipts must be provided to the club before reimbursement is made. Payment will be made on the basis of standard economy class or the lowest prevailing fares whether travel is by air, rail, sea or public transport.


Taxi journeys should only be made in exceptional circumstances and with the prior agreement of the club. Receipts will be required before reimbursement is made.

Car Mileage

Mileage will be reimbursed at £0.45 per mile on the basis that:

  • The official would not have made the journey anyway to bring a swimmer competing at the event;
  • The claim is for a return journey from home to the relevant hotel when staying overnight in accommodation close to the event venue;
  • The claim is for a return journey each day from home or hotel to the event venue.