Saxon Crown Masters

How to Join

If you are interested in joining Masters, come along for a free taster session!  Contact us using the enquiry form or drop a line to [email protected] for more details.

About Masters

Our Masters section covers a wide range of abilities and ages, from the casual swimmer to regional and national competitors and champions. If you are interested in swimming to improve your general fitness, technique or just to swim in a more motivational session or social group, then this club could be what you are looking for.

The Masters squad has a number of sessions per week that swimmers can attend. The sessions are organised into lanes and the Coach provides a tailored training programme for each lane. The lanes are generally organised by ability, so even if you haven’t swum for years, there will be a level to suit you. 

Masters Timetable

Monday: Forest Hill 2000-2100
Wednesday: Wavelengths 1930-2100
Thursday: Glass Mill 2000-2100
Saturday: Glass Mill 0645-0845 (elite swimmers – by invite only)
Sunday: Wavelengths 0900-1000 (technique)
Sunday: Wavelengths 1000-1130

We recommend swimmers at a basic level attend on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday 0900-1000.

Download a list of pools and maps (docx, 19KB) 

Masters Fees

You are very welcome to attend one session to try before you buy.

Should you decide to join, there is a one off joining fee of £45 and monthly fees (payable by standing order) as follows:

1 session per week £28/month
2 sessions per week £37/month
3 sessions per week £44/month
4 sessions per week £49/month
5 or more sessions per week £60/month


For those interested in competing, the club attends competitions around London, and has individuals who also compete further afield in regional, national and international events. Masters competitions are swum in a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere. They are usually based on ability and not age, so no matter what standard you’ve reached, you should only race against people of a similar ability. There is, however, no requirement for swimmers to compete at all.

We pride ourselves on being a friendly club and enjoy social activities outside of the pool too!