13 Mar 2022

With a very short time to prepare the first weekend Maisie represented rather well in several events:e our age group swimmers their london regional summer championship. In the first weekend Maisie represented rather well in several events: starting with a warm up race with the Girls 11-14 50 backstroke Maisie swam on pb. Second race was soon after and Maisie performed 1 sec pb compared to her short course time in the girls 100 butterfly qualifying for the finals. With more confidence and less banana fly Maisie couldn't see anyone in front and managed to

push through a very close finish. Third place and bronze medal, 4 second pb and some cake were the perfect day to celebrate Maisie's 13th birthday. Happy Birthday Maisie!
The second day of competitions was due to have more celebrations with more of a training session rather than a competition with Maisie swimming all the girls events of the morning session. Starting with a solid performance in the 800 free winning a gold medal. Soon after 200 IM qualified 6th for the finals and 100 free qualifying 8th. After a short break Maisie made improvements on her previous times confirming 6th in 200 IM and improving her position to 6th in the 100 free.

Well done Maisie!

Coach Sergio

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